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Supply Chain Ops Evaluation Model (SCEM)

The Supply Chain Operations Evaluation Model (SCEM) is a proprietary tool that combines optimization and simulation techniques to perform strategic planning considering tactical objectives and operational constraints.

As such it produces plans that are executable – optimal and feasible. Uncertainty is explicitly represented using stochastic programming techniques. The SCEM framework is configurable to accurately represent unique environments and requirements, speed model development and facilitate integration with existing data sources and structures.

Scenarios include Sourcing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Logistics Operations, Customer Demand Management, Inventory Planning and Outsourcing/Off-shoring Evaluation.  We’ve used it to identify hundreds of millions of dollars in potential benefits for clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

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Forecast Accuracy Analysis

A methodology to review and evaluate statistical forecasting systems. Particular attention is given to the level of aggregation used for forecasting, the accuracy of the methods in use and benchmarking them where possible, with guidance on how to forecast and aggregate demand at local. regional and enterprise levels.


InvOpt®.com is a proven, large-scale business process to coordinate the optimization of inventories and material availability across supply chain networks.

InvOpt®.com provides supply chain professionals – supply chain directors, materials managers, buyers, planners, and schedulers – who are managing complex product mixes in uncertain environments with an affordable, fast and easy-to-use inventory and service level optimization tool.  InvOpt®.com users typically:

  • Reduce inventories by 10-30%
  • Improve customer service levels by 5-15%
  • Increase planner effectiveness and management oversight for sustainable performance improvement

InvOpt®.com is a secure, web based SaaS solution that’s everything you need to develop an integrated materials strategy.  InvOpt®.com is the simplest, most comprehensive and effective supply chain inventory optimization solution available.

CapFlow: Capacitated Network Flow Planner

A modeling and optimization tool for manufacturing, service parts and repair systems to facilitate coordination of upstream and downstream logistical activities. The generalized structure of the modeling framework can be used to accurately describe and optimize matériel flows across a wide range of supply chains including military, healthcare and emergency preparedness and response systems.