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We’re not competitor-obsessed, we’re customer-obsessed. We start with what the customer needs and we work backwards.

– Jeff Bezos

Case Study: Consumer Goods Manufacturer Supply Chain Audit

Cayuga Partners Solutions

Analytics – Inventory and Production Optimization Opportunity Assessments

Analytics – Farm to Factory Supply Chain Best Practices Study

Tools – Supply Chain Ops Evaluation Model (SCEM); literature search

Project Description

Benefits Delivered:

We identified $97 million in opportunities for improvement from better use of production capacity, managing uncertainty and increased supply chain responsiveness.  This industry-leading company implemented some, but not all, of our recommendations and continues to significantly outperform its direct competitors and the consumer goods industry group as a whole.

What we did:

It starts with understanding the customer.  We performed a comprehensive, end-to-end study of this leading Consumer Goods manufacturer’s supply chain, from Consumer to Retailer to DC to Factory, and on the supply side from “Farm to Factory”.  The purpose of this study was to identify and assess the factors influencing performance of its extended supply chain.  A secondary objective was to extend the strategic planning process to comprehend and include the critical operational dynamics among forecast accuracy, production capacity, inventories and customer service.

How we did it:

The program was a 4-phased process that included: (1) executive education and strategy sessions; (2) a supply chain audit and opportunity assessment facilitated by the SCEM – Supply Chain Operations Evaluation Model; (3) prioritization and implementation of recommended strategies and (4) measurement and continuous improvement to realize manufacturing and supply chain operations performance targets.

The SCEM was used to evaluate and test alternative supply chain configurations to meet strategic supply chain objectives and measure the impact of physical system attributes, operating policies, and operational dynamics on objectives like product freshness and operating costs.

CPG Supply Chain Audit Case Study (for distribution)

Aeroquip Group: A Troubled Ohio Plant becomes an Exemplar

Case Study: Chemical Company S&OP

Cayuga Partners Solutions

Analytics – Item segmentation, business case evaluation, prioritization

Tools – InvOpt®.com

Learning – Onsite, web- and video-based education and training

Project Description

Benefits Delivered:

  • Improved customer on time delivery by 6%
  • Reduced working capital by 45%
  • Reduced unplanned production changeovers by 25%

What we did:

Developed and institutionalized world-class Sales & Operations Planning, production and inventory optimization processes and decision support tools across this global chemical company’s North American supply chain operations.

How we did it:

Used the InvOpt®.com Process to:

  • Upload and analyze ERP data
  • Design and evaluate strategies
  • Optimize inventories
  • Review and execute

Educated planners with “How to” workshops, playbooks and videos

Developed metrics and scorecards to monitor planner performance, sustain the process and adjust as necessary.