Supply Chain isn’t rocket science - it’s harder.

We can help you do a better job in:

. . . with Analytics, Tools and Learning.


Its all about the data. Big data. Little data. No data. Uncertainty. Inference. Insight. We boil it all down into actionable intelligence.

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Visualize, analyze, simulate and optimize complex supply chain processes. Our tools show the potential impact and consequences of decisions before you apply them in the real world.

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Knowledge is transferred through mentoring and experiential learning. Your team will implement change with confidence - they've seen it work in simulation - and sustain it with understanding, performance metrics & accountability.

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Simulate . . . Educate . . . Innovate!

Cayuga Partners are innovators in the field of applied Operations Research. We've had great success working with companies and government agencies that want to do things differently . . .

. . . and do them better!

We're led by Dr. Jack Muckstadt of Cornell University; Dr. Dave Murray, College of William & Mary; InvOpt®.com founder Dr. Jim Rappold and Managing Partner Walt Beadling.

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